Hospice Care in Burbank and Pasadana, CA

At A- 1 Hospice. we’re dedicated to providingquality hospice care.wewant to ensure thatyourloved one continues to have the highest possible quality of ilfe while they’reinhospice.We’re locatedin Burbank.CA butwe service Pasadena,     CA andthe surrounding areas as well.Our goalisto provide all of our patients with compassionate and safe care.

Find Services for your loved one

A-1 Hospice’s services werecreated to give yourloved one and you support duringan advanced or terminal illness. Rather than focus ona cure. we focus on the patienrs comfort andlife.Our caretakershelp patients remain pain-free and alert. We’re proudto say that we have served over 500 patients. allof whom we treated asapriority.

We provide a variety of services to helpyourloved one live lifeto the fullestthey can.We offer paincontrol and symptom management. medications,and dietary and     spiritual counseling.unlike other hospicecarecenters.A-1 Hospice offers V treatments. infusion therapy services. and physician visits. Tell uswhat types of services you’d like for your loved one. andwe’ll do our bestto fulfill your needs.

get a Team for your loved one

While on hospice,your oved one is surrounded by a team of people.This teamincludes the patienrs primary caregiver.their primary physician.the hospice medical director. andother health professionals. A-1 Hospice has social workers.trained volunteers. home healthaides. and nurses to helpyourloved one. we canalso bringin spiritual care specialists.

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At A-1 Hospice. we’ll makeyourloved one aprority. Our team will helpthem get the care and resources they need during their advancedillness.If you have a oved one    who needs hospice care. then call usat (888) 650-1616.

While most hospices offer similar services.A-1Hospice offer extra-special care services to patients that needit.Unlike most hospices, we specialize in intravenous diet & supplements (e.g.Procalamine) for patients that need it

Our Services include

We provide support to you and your loved ones during an advanced illness.