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Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about hospice care.If you don’t findyour answer here,we will begladto assist you. Please usethe contact form or call us.

_ Is hospice a place?

Hospice care usually takes place inthe comfort of your home, but can be providedinany environment in whichyoulive,including nursing homes. assisted living facilities. and residential care facilities.

_ Does Hospice meanthatthe patientwill desoon?

Receiving hospice care does not meangiving up hope or that death isimminent. ne earlier anindividual receives hospice care. the more opportunity there is to stabilize your medical condition and address other needs. some patients actually improve and may be discharged from hospice care.

_  Dofamiliesneedto payfor hospice care?

Hospice careis a Medicare benefit. Most privateinsurers also cover hospice care as well. And, throughits charity care pol cies, A-1 Hospice care, Inc.is committed to caringfor allpatients. regardless of anindividua’ls ability to pay.

_ Do patients have to give uptheirown doctor?

No. Patients may keep their own physician, who willwork closely withthe A-1Hospice Care, Inc. Medical Director to plan and carry out care – ifthey so choose.

_ Are all hospice programsthe same?

All icensed hospice programs must provide certainservices. but the range of support services and programs may differ. A-1Hospice provide support which other hospice do not offer.

_ Is hosp ce only for cancer patients?

No.In fact a large number of hospice patients have congestive heart failure. dementia, chronic lungdisease. or other conditions

_ can patients only receive hosp cefor a limited period?

Not exactly. The Medicare benefit and most private insurance. pays for hospice care as tong as the patient continues to meets the necessary criteria. Patients may come into our care. get better and not need hospice. then enroll againas needed.

_  Does hospice provide 24 hours care?

Yes. Thehospice team (which includes nurses. social workers. home health aides. c1aplains. and bereavement counselors) visits patientsintermittently, and are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week for support andcare. A-1Hospice Care,Inc.can help arrange for 24-hour attendant care ifnecessary.

_ Is hosp cejust for patients?

No. Hospice focuses on comfort dignity, and emotional support for the patient. However, family members and other caregivers also receive our very best spiritual and emotionalsupport bereavement services, and volunteer assistance needed inthe home.