About A-1 Hospice Care Inc.

A-1 Hospice Care inc, Provides highly skilled and compassionate Nurses to help enhance the quality of life and preserve the patient’s dignity and self worth; while giving them the best quality care and the utmost comfort.

A-1 Hospice provides comfort and dignity for individuals dealing with advanced, complex or terminal illness. We are proud to be one of the best and most reliable hospice organizations serving the Greater Los Angeles and the Valley area. Our organization extends support to bereaved loved ones of A-1 Hospice patients and community members in Greater Los angeles area and majority part of the Southern California. A-1 Hospice Care, inc currently serves 3 Major counties in Southern California, namely Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernadino counties.

Through our services, staff, volunteers, bereavement programs, A-1 Hospice Care empowers people to live with hope and resilience throughout the journey with illness and loss.

The A-1 Hospice Care, Inc. interdisciplinary team works together to develop a plan of care based on your individual needs. We will work with you and your family or designated caregivers to schedule visits that are right for you. We will respect your house rules and privacy. You choose how each person can assist you in the care you request. Our interdisciplinary team members include:

Core Competencies of Hospice Care

Safety & Comfort

The safety and comfort of patients includes the professional expertise and experience of the hospice staff to manage the physical aspects of the disease and suffering. Beyond the physical aspects, this also includes the well being of the patient and family in spiritual, social and emotional needs.

Self-Determined Life Closure

The ability to help people spend their final months the way that they wish is as important to A-1 Hospice as it is to you. We work to help people see that while there may not be a cure, there is still so much hope. These hopes may be about where they want to die, whom they want to see and what they want to say. This work helps reduce spiritual, social, and emotional aspects of suffering.

Effective Grieving

Grief is a part of life both before and after a loved one has passed. The ability to listen, engage, and support the patient and family as they process their grief and mourning and as they plan for the future, is a key part of our process.

We provide support to you and your loved ones during an advanced illness.

A-1 Hospice Care
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